Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 11.08.29 AM.pngIf you follow mainstream news channels you probably don’t know about #NoDAPL, or if you’ve diversified your social media outlets and who you listen to and follow perhaps you’ve heard something about the fight to stop development of the North Dakota Active Pipeline that would pollute and tarnish drinking water for the indigenous people there. Water is life, it is sacred, but so is the land. What you may not know is that the indigenous people and their supporters have been treated as trespassers on their own land. The burial ground that carries their grandparents: they can’t walk there, they can’t pray there, and they are told this with both intimidation and brutality. Land that was savagely stolen from them, and then given back through the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty then sold and resold to white profit takers. 

Last night for over 5 hours the militarized police force attacked the North Dakota Treaty Camps, and SEVERELY wounded the protesters there. Protesters that were seen as violent, as rioters, as anything that would justify the use of flesh peeling water cannons sprayed deliberately at heads and hands to induce concussion or hypothermia, tear gas to blind and suffocate their cries for justice, rubber bullets to induce fear and pain just as real bullets do, in freezing weather our brothers and sisters are suffering life changing pain and suffering for peacefully standing on THEIR LAND. 

I seek out the videos, I listen to their voices, and I must take to action. What we see is but a fraction of the pain that a person feels when violated, but like many of the people there have been saying: this is nothing new. How can we allow history to repeat itself time and again? Just Friday the Susquehanna river was polluted by a break in the very Pipeline they are fighting against being built in North Dakota- the oil, the 55,000 gallons of oil, pouring through drinking water and to the ocean now. Will people only take to action when it is their drinking water that is drenched in oil? 

We must talk about this; we must educate those around us who don’t know of this blatant disregard for human rights and a critical event wherein history is repeating itself. History is Repeating Itself. I couldn’t share all of the images I found, but if you can imagine standing feet away from an army tank equip with a water propulsion system meant to put out fires in high-rise buildings: imagine what the force of that water would do to your unprotected body. Imagine standing in front of riot geared Policemen as they point a gun at your chest, while you choke on gas and try to rub the mace from your eyes. Images are flashing through my mind of the Civil Rights Protesters peacefully gathering and singing heartfelt songs of love and peace, We Shall Overcome Some Day…. only to be met with baton and water from hydrants. That is a jarring image that awoke fighters for right and wrong then: I hope these images of the terror of today in North Dakota and the #NoDAPL movement incense you as they have me.

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