They’re not leaving, and we won’t give up. I have had many friends travel to #StandingRock to Protest and Protect for #NoDAPL, friends who stood on the front lines and halted production: so why aren’t the protesters dissipating. We won right?

Unfortunately, the fight is not over. It enrages me to no end to see that just as mainstream news channels and media picked up the story, eager to report that there would be no further destruction, that people still don’t know how important and complicated this battle remains. The fight is not over, we did not win. In fact, the indigenous people need our support and help more than ever. Diverting your attention to something else is so obviously what they want you to do. Will you let that happen? When a movement gains momentum and suddenly, almost ceremoniously there is an announcement that, in fact, there is nothing to fight for do you not question it? I’m telling you that the truth will always be out there, but you must go find it.

In a confidential email an employee from the Oil Industry wrote to @ShaunKing that  the CEO of #EnergyTransfer insures that the company “routinely finds any loophole it can and minimizes the social engagement necessary to get pipelines approved.” This person also comes forth shedding light that many in the industry regard this CEO as Bloodsucking. An intimidating characteristic that further supports these vicious privately hired attack squads that made jokes as they harmed peaceful protesters relentlessly. So, the company who would destroy the sacred lands of indigenous people is

therefore viewing Standing Rock not as a human rights issue, but as an opportunity to make/lose money — [and] uniformly came out… saying that the DAPL delay is basically a show that will end with Trump taking office and the pipeline could well go forward as initially planned. The decision gets things to stand down ahead of what was likely to be an historic and contentious Dec. 5.

Also, in a press release following the announcement of the military the company responded that they are “fully committed to ensuring this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL REROUTING in and around Lake Oahu. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.”

The fight for the pipeline is NOT over. Instead the attention and desperately needed support that the militarized zone garnered will likely fade, and as the battle gets complicated there will be less to fund the fight. The peaceful acts of our brothers and sisters who were violently wounded in the fight cannot be forgotten, their memories still fresh on my brain as I see the misinformation disseminated. I will not let that happen.

In another email anonymously sent to Shaun King, activist and journalist, the writer indicates that in no way does ETP consider themselves hindered by the lack of easement from the administration:

I’m writing to you now because I work at a very large law firm that I found out today is representing Energy Transfer Partners in the litigation that the Sioux Tribe has pursued. I stumbled across some of the emails through our firm’s file-sharing system and to sum up what I saw, ETP is counting on the future president’s administration to have this pipeline happen. The words “come Inauguration Day” were definitely used. They also claimed that the water protectors were using this pipeline for political gain and called them “horrible people”. I nearly gagged in my office. To say the least, my desire to leave this firm has increased exponentially.

When I see what a company wants to do, and what they openly say to the public in press conferences, and then, when I hear directly from someone working for the legal protection of that company saying that it is the intention of Trump and his administration to allow the funding and construction of #DAPL to continue I feel that burning in my soul. My internal temperature boils over and I want to get out to the freezing conditions to stand with my people. I want to wave a wand that removes the veil of denial from the people and show them that injustice is everywhere. The fact of the matter is that these pipelines are destroying our environment, and as Trump has appointed a denier of Climate Change to head the EPA in #ScottPruitt I know that in just 4 years too much can happen to our Sacred Mother Earth.

Don’t let it happen, don’t give in. I can still imagine a world of love, where we can embrace change for the better. A world where our oceans are full of life, and the marine life sings their songs. Where the air is clean, the sky is blue, the trees are green, and we are sitting in the grass picking an abundance of wildflowers and watching their seeds float in the soft, warm wind as it cradles our good intentions. But, I wonder: will we still be able to 5 or 1o years from now?

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