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This story hurts. Watching the 9 seconds that this teenage girl’s life turns from vital, innocent, and free, to limp and brutally attacked by a Police Officer while at school is something no person should ever have to experience. But this happened. In any other circumstance, and without the context, one might think this a #HateCrime or blatant violation of human rights: but this happened under the roof and protection of Rolesville High School in Rolesville, N.C.

This student was trying to break up the fight, she was trying to assist in dispelling the conflict, then she was ripped from the crowd. She is petit, she weighs a mere 98 pounds, and Police Force has no place in our schools. The results are horrifying, they change the lives of our children permanently and they send a permanent message: if you are a minority, then you are expendable and will be treated as such. This girl is not expendable, she is a valued member of society. Students within the school have commented saying she was a good student, and never on the wrong side of things; so why is she being thrown to the ground from what looks like 6 feet above the ground onto her head? Why is her brain going to suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury from being thrust to cement with just her skull to brace the impact?

This was not an isolated incident either:Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 2.04.57 PM.png

This student posted and referenced to additional incidents of using Pepper Spray, and Taser Guns, on the students. Another student posted:

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So in confined spaces students are submitted to Mace and then escorted off the bus in Police Custody. When the examples start piling up and the students have evidence, and the lasting scars like concussion or post concussion syndrome walk with an innocent girl for the duration of her life, it awakens inside me the strength to stand up and take on their oppressors.

Our High Schools are becoming holding pens, with Police Supervision and Adult Restraints like Handcuffs being used on 8 year olds, we are teaching our children that the next step for them is very likely Prison. In North Carolina they are one of two states with the LOWEST legal prosecution age at 16. That means that for any minor offense a 16 year old (or Sophomores and Juniors in High School) can be and are sent to Prison with Adults. Adults who have committed both heinous crimes and who have been caught up in the system in a similar fashion since they were young. With documented Racial profiling and courts with systems set up to favor white privilege with a pay to free yourself option in some cases (if you are not a minority that is), we have to ask ourselves whether we will simply continue to sit back and watch or take to action?

With #Trump having appointed the wealthiest cabinet in history including Neonatzi’s, White Supremacists, Actual Natzi’s, and placing them in positions which will directly impact both how our worlds look but how our children’s lives look on a daily basis we cannot let this continue. And there are people who are standing up: on the same day the #NAACP carried out a sit in demanding that #JeffSessions withdraw as #AttorneyGeneral seen here:

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Sessions, who was denied a Federal Judgeship in the ’80’s by the Republican controlled Senate for essentially being racist and biased therefore unable to hold such a position will now be the Head of the United States Department of Justice 30 years later. Do you think he will have a problem with Police in schools? Do you think he has a problem with the use of handcuffs on children? What about if the children are black and are considered to be causing a “riot”? And when he turns to Betsy DeVos Head of Education whose focus is on Vouchers and Charter Schools, will she be fighting for equality in public schools? No. They will not.

With #Inauguration2017 creeping ever so near, we must know who our targets are and where we need to focus our energy. Trump’s cabinet is not going to be looking out for our children, they won’t be concerned with wrongful imprisonment or police brutality, so we must take action and we must unite. Put your energy to use and stand up to Trump’s Cabinet- we didn’t elect them and they will be making an impact.

It starts with being heard: Stop Jeff Sessions Rally on the 10th 

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