I was hesitant to tell this story, to be honest I didn’t want to invite the wrong kind of attention, but the truth is I wasn’t about to let the proverbial ‘them’ win. At times my life has felt like a constant battle, at times that battle has been with myself, but mostly those battles have come from being someone with a strong voice and backbone who isn’t willing to allow the voices of others to be taken away from them. But, this time, I felt like the wind was being stolen from my sails. Just as we were heading into the #WeekofAction and there was literally more than 5 things I wanted to accomplish a day in the way of activism, my mind was sprinting to keep up with what my heart was just dying to get out and make a difference actually DOING. Then it happened: Face Book wiped my presence off the face of the universe and disabled my account. In one fell swoop my voice was silenced, my activities and lifelines were broken, and I had no way of getting in touch with all of my allies and partners in this long fought battle. Our journey was being erased and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was something I can’t even begin to describe because it was my way of speaking with you, my way of hearing from you, and my way of listening to our world. I felt like I was suddenly thrust into a black and white 2D world of paper cuts and bruises and nothing made sense anymore. Could it be possible that our world is morphing into something of a dictatorship and censorship of the media and internet already?

As reality sank in I went through all the stages of loss and eventually was left to fight with the all mighty #FaceBook. Not only had they arbitrarily wiped me from existence but in order to justify my ownership of myself I needed to prove to them that my page was my own and jump through hoop after hoop eventually leading to no mans land where fb doesn’t respond to your emails and there is no recourse for you to get back what’s been taken from you. I read about celebrities who had the same thing happen to them, because they were famous fb tagged them for having so much activity and disabled them just like me, only they were famous so fb of course apologized and moved on. But what if this action is the direct result of the opposition we are fighting deliberately trying to silence the motivating battle cries and unifying voices that #Unite and they have the power of FaceBook behind them? Do we give in? Do we throw our hands up and stop after assault?

I am Hecho En Los Angeles, I am The Real Los Angeleno, I will not be silenced. I look to my brothers and sisters who have been wrongfully imprisoned in #StandingRock, I look to you and give you a silent nod as you should be set free. I’m reminded of how many times the #BlackLivesMatter movement gets shut down by the all mighty, forced to seek out its followers for support to bring their page back to life. Even this morning @ShaunKing referenced that in our #InjusticeBoycott we will be met with a new and different opposition and that we are ready for it. The #Resistance is #Rising, we are growing, we are stronger with each passing day and we will not give in. I won’t give in, that you can count on; in fact, I hate disappointment so much I seek never to disappoint so know that you can trust in me to fight until there is absolutely nothing left in me. No matter who seeks to take my voice away I will stand up in the face of adversity and I will say what matters: I will be the voice for those who need it most and I will rally with you all because we ARE stronger together. ‘They’ will always seek to divide us, wipe us from the face of the earth, eliminate what gives us strength and power, make us feel weak and less than, but I will not let them. If you are seeing this post then I have succeeded this time around, but when I am silenced again I will rise up, and I will need you, my brothers and sisters, to assist me to grow stronger and stronger because it hurts like hell to get back up when they knock you down. I will need you to help me build armor that cannot be penetrated because they are working to defeat us subversively and they have powerful allies; but we are the people and the People United Can Never Be Divided! They have taken 1,000 of you from me this time, removed you from my page and my friend list, they have prevented you from becoming friends with me or following my page for at least a week. To that I can only say be sure to follow me on twitter @hecholosangeles: to shake my hand when we are at the next rally or dancing in circle prayer because we are truly something ‘they’ are afraid of.

Look For Me At The Next Protest….And The NEXT… Listen for my voice…I am listening for yours.

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Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 3.32.21 PM.png

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