This morning is a day most of us have been putting off hoping it would never come. With the #Resistance building and growing there has at least been something to put my energy towards, but I still can’t shake this feeling of regret and overall dread. I feel like lead has filled my veins, cement my bones, and my heart struggles with each passing second to break vital life force through. #Trump is taking the stage today, and literally that is all he hopes to achieve. To stand in our faces and hold over us his victory like a bully on a tuft of sand. Except, our rights are worth fighting for, our water, our land, our air, our animals, our lives, our friends, our people, our music, our art, our vibrance: the fight has so much life within it, so much creativity, so much beauty.

Watching YOUR truths this morning streaming through all over, and coming in through the night I felt so much power. We are getting our voices back and they are getting louder and louder! Yesterday we saw candle light vigils, people gathering in solemnity.Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.58.16 AM.png

Today people will link arm in arm via Human Chain in Bridge Together Golden Gate taking it back to the old school. They hope to cross the #GoldenGate and beyond marching against #J20. In Los Angeles and all over the country people are uniting and storming the streets, the UC’s are staging walkouts at 12:00pm known as J20 UC-Wide Walkout. The UCLA Walkout shows over 1.2k people are attending and almost 4k interested, that’s so utterly heartwarming! These students are our future and they are activating just like we are, in fact the entire world is not going to stand by and idly accept a fate drenched with destruction.

Videos that have been pouring in from DC have shown of course a different tune than what mainstream media would have you believe: you need to start telling your family and friends that they are watching the wrong sources. Just look at what people, people like you and me have done today:

#NODAPL Water Protectors blocked an Inauguration Bridge, if you missed the livestream video they are recording over documentation of their efforts- BUT THEY WERE REAL AND HAPPENED!

#BlackLivesMatter Chained themselves to the entrance to the Inauguration: (LiveStream) The blockade grows in size towards the end, and they are met with Trump supporters throughout trying to get into the Inauguration. And recording of a white man claiming a white woman was assaulted by protesters and she was ‘bleeding.’ They closed Check Points:

People Rose from the Dead and Took A Stand: (LiveStream) Including a moving speech about why they care and why we do this.

Some Were Met With Mace, Tear Gas, And More: (LiveStream) The Opposition is present as well and around the country it may be more of a battle than in Los Angeles. So we show up, we show out, we shout and we don’t stop.

Stay Angry, Stay Outraged, Stay Powerful, Stay Together: There Are More OF US Than There Are Against Us.