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The fate of one Iranian girl lies in the hands of just a few talented attorneys tonight. Yes, the National Stay was granted, and yes this is a HUGE win for us. But time is not on our side in these situations. It takes time for the trickle down implementation to take place, and whether or not the Stay is upheld tonight is still in question. There have been 14 people, honest, good, normal people who never asked for this treatment: 14 people detained at LAX tonight. One girl from Iran will be deported and has a deportation ticket to be sent out of here scheduled for 7:30pm.

Right at this moment hundreds of people are converging on Tom Bradley, Los Angeles is answering back to #Trump with strength and vigor. Our attorneys are fighting with pride and valor because this is not right. The laws that we believe in, the morals and ethics that make us who we are do not condone banning a type of person. Not now not ever. As I write this to you I am watching the clock tick down as the girl, the innocent girl’s fate weighs in the scales of justice.

There are still so many more stories to come, so many more injustices, but there are people who are battling and standing up for them! I will keep updating you, but will have a more in depth article for you tomorrow. Stay Strong.

#NoBanNoWall #NoMuslimBan