Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 3.01.30 PM.pngToday, in Seattle people brought ceremonial water, stones from the river, song, and prayer into City Hall to sanctify the final vote to divest from Wells Fargo. Their words, their gifts, they represent such a bigger and more vivid picture when illuminated through song and with the presence of the water gods. It’s a moment of quietude, yet highlighted by the voices of those who have grown to see the changes of progress on their lands and the influence of the #BlackSnake. I was so anxiously hoping that their voices would speak to the inner souls of the Council Members. Hoping deeply that the Racial and Social Equity that would create harmony in a righteous move would prevail. Hoping with every breath in, my soul shouting inside to “stand up” and I was. The battles within SRST and the corruption that has historically riddled our people showing itself yet again only brings up those familiar feelings of betrayal. Now is the time for redemption on a much larger scale! I found myself whispering to myself over and over “Please….Please….Please…Just Please…” 

The voices of the people have been crying out to say in direct defiance to the powers that have been so destructive: We will NOT allow this. It was hard not to cry listening to the stories of the women of Standing Rock Sioux as they voiced their desires. If I had one wish it would be to liberate the voices of those whose hearts are breaking and let them soar. If I could only absorb all their pain I would. “Please…Please…Just Please…Don’t Cry…” 

Then, at once, the crowd released an uproar of victory. It passed. I could breathe again.

Yes. Today, the last few days, the past weeks, this nightmare we seem to find ourselves in has been surreal. Yes, at times seeing and feeling the pain of it all gets overwhelming. When you invest your all into what you believe in, you stand to lose a lot don’t you? You stand to feel every last second when those daggers come pummeling through the defenses, you almost seem blindsided by the unending clouds of arrows as they descend upon you… and then, you get back up.

The Army Corps granted the Easement today, North Dakota and 7 other States are passing laws that allow persecution of Protesters, Water Protectors will be allowed to be run over by car, Betsy DeVos was appointed Secretary of Education, #Trump seems to be winning: but what if we were to change our mindset from Reactionary to Anticipatory? Speaking with and listening to so many veterans of the fight for what’s good, you hear similarities repeating themselves over time. There are some things that we cannot prevent, but there are certainly things that we can. And it takes effort, it takes unity, it takes vision, and it takes heart. It also takes all of us. We have proven that we have so much heart, and that heart breaks with every blow, I feel it so deeply. We can come together, and sometimes we also divide each other, but our actions must unite us. Nothing will be 100% from here on out, not one thing.

That said, knowing that this IS a marathon it’s time to ACCEPT the blows. Accept the pain, accept the changes that we will be facing, accept that #Trump has appointees that will be placed into roles that they should not be. Try not to be shocked when it happens, try not to shut down: do not back down. If you’ve been reading any of my writing, then you know that I encourage nothing but to FIGHT tooth and nail for what you believe in. To Stand Up against these horrific people and not to allow them to be appointed, and when they are we will continue to fight. But we have to accept the fact that this is NOT a loss, no, this was all going to happen. If we take on an anticipatory mindset then we know that in this battle, the likely outcome is this result. That in a way we are right where we were always going to be, that the decisions were made many many years ago and we are only now finding out about them. Don’t shrink back, don’t give in to deceit, be strong.

So to transgress from Reactionary where our feelings take the better of us and cloud our better judgement leaving us feeling a little powerless: Let’s Take The Power Back.

Seattle is a glowing beacon for the movement and #DefundDapl right now. They have toiled away to get their local legislation to back the divestment of $3 Billion dollars from Wells Fargo. That didn’t happen over night, that happened because of you and I. That’s right, because of the people. We started to let ourselves be heard, we showed up, we made it known that we were not going to go away and that changes needed to be made. Seattle had no choice but to respond in kind. The little actions of each person absolutely matter- you are seeing it right here right now. With every person who pulled their money from their bank and made it known it brought Seattle’s Local Government one step closer to pulling the trigger on Divesting.

At the same time, in Northern California the Afrikan Black Coalition was able to force the University of California’s hand in pulling $475 Million from Wells Fargo due to their ties with the Private Prison Industry. Also a win. In the last week notice the attention that has been drawn to the University of California by the Administration. None of this is a coincidence, and all of these actions point to greater power that WE have. To be a hornet in their yellow bonnet.

The Bubble Up Effect works, it’s working right now. If you are merely watching and reacting then you are doing us all a disservice. Each one of us can play a role. We MUST start locally and take action. A Warrior knows that she must survey the fighting grounds, size up her opponent, prepare for battle, and then give her all. She knows that after battle it will hurt, she will be sore and may even suffer injuries that she may not be able to come back from and she accepts the risk. But when the sun rises the next day, the battle continues, and she takes to the fighting grounds with honor and pride. She licks her wounds by nightfall, rests to recuperate her aching bones, then fiercely and out wittingly strikes down her enemies one at a time until the day is done. And she is never alone. Feverishly pecking away at Local Governments and building defenses through action: we become Anticipatory.


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 3.04.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-07 at 3.04.37 PM.png

Own it.





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